Wales v England – Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

The Sue’s Mega Breakfast – City Road, Cardiff

Substitutions: subtract two sausages, add an extra black pudding and an extra hash brown. It’s mega.

Teva Mountain Games 2011 – Vail, Colorado

Hanging out in the VIP area watching the bouldering world cup final. Happy days!

Secret Art – Cardiff Bay, Wales

Painted on the floor, railings and the dock itself the yellow circles only align from a certain spot in Cardiff Bay. Artist unknown.

The Worm’s Head – Rhossili, Wales

You have to be careful when you cross over to the worms head that you don’t get stuck out there due to the tide. Also no comaping!

Google Change The Meaning Of ‘Free’

I have been promoting one of my other sites recently and when I saw my latest 'Free' Google AdWords voucher (they're not exactly uncommon!) I thought I may as well give it a go. I have never used AdWords before so I went through the sign up process with my voucher in hand. I created my campaign and didn't mind the fact that that they wanted billing information before they could activate my account - but then I noticed that there was a 'activaion fee' of £5 in my case that I needed to ay in order to activate my account. I took another look at the ad - yup "Try it for free - £50.00* FREE advertising.