New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 3

Journal Entry

No rain last night! I decided to get up and go this morning as I was dreaming on a coffee and some grease. On the map Mulgrave, NS looked like a bigger town, so I pointed my body at that and peddled. The road was hilly and all the houses looked abandoned or eerily quiet.

I struck out at Mulgrave as the only thing there was the museum. I startled the currator who let me use the washroom and fill my water. He even gave me a quick tour of the museum - the town was thrown in to decline when the railroad left in 1955. The curator said I could get something to eat in the next town along. When I got there I ordered a coffee and the biggest breakfast. I got lucky too - the waitress told me that they demolish the building tomorrow and wouldn't be open again until next summer!

Long push along the beach after TCT "PR" stand, but access and sigane to the actual trail were non-existant. Tough going, but then the dream trail revealed itself! Smooth gravel, undulating ups and downs with stunning coastal views. Not too many people on the trail even. Canada is awesome! Needs more pubs though.

Decided to ride until I didn't want to, even if it means setting up camp in the dark. I would prefer to ride. 96km today! Will probably sleep on this (covered) picnic table....

Distance (km)