New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 4

Journal Entry

While having breakfast at the picnic table shelter the man who made it, along with his wife, stopped for a snack. Very friendly people and very pleased to see me using and enjoying the trail.

Great lunch stop in Inverness - beer, fish & chips, power outlets and internet. I topped up my water too at this one-stop restaurant.

Then things got tough. The TCT south was immediately steep and rocky. Lots of pushing/dragging with the occasional uphill rocky ride ensued. I then broke my wheel when a piece of wood got caught, ripping out/bending 6 spokes. I had no way of removing the ones poking out, so I taped them in-place the best I could and kept going, hoping for the best.

When I hit a road I had planned to continue along the trail, but I couldn't even find it. I decided this was a blessing in disguise and took the road instead, which was a pretty nice ride. So many well-kept, but empty houses. It's strange. Sleeping in a bush in a town. Going to buy breakfast at the market here in the morning before another big day tomorrow.

Distance (km)