New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 5

Journal Entry

Woke up to rain. Luckily I had the foresight to put the tarp up last night (albeit not very well!), which is something I occasionally skip if I am exhausted if there is no rain in the forecast.

Had a big cooked breakfast with lots of coffee before hitting the road. The wheel is holding up amazingly well and I managed to average 20km/hour despite some big hills. I have been really happy with my fitness. I guess it's not really "training" if you love going for a ride.

Cycling on a busy highway is a bore though. Some nice views, but mostly grind for 100km. I had a poutine pit-stop and pushed on, incentivised by the prospect of sleeping in the real bed I have booked in North Sydney.

Arrived earlier than expected, met the (British) host who ran me in to the next town over to get my wheel fixed in the only bike shop for days. I went to the pub while they worked on it and it was done in time to catch the last bus back. I finished the day eating pizza and talking to Carly.

Distance (km)