Hit By Bike Theft

While I was in Asia my good friend Dave kindly agreed to give my bike a once over. I needed to go and pick it up (he lives quiet far away) so for the first two weeks after I got back I had to go without. Cardiff is small but as it now took three times longer to get anywhere I was excited to be darting around town once again! Only it didn’t last long.. the day I got it back it was stolen from outside of Cardiff Central Library despite being in a public place locked to some council bike racks. According to people working in the surrounding area this is a “hotspot” but unfortunately I had to have my bike stolen to find this out as there are no warnings . I have informed the police and tried everything I can to get the word out but as there was no CCTV (!) I have to cross my fingers and wait. I will also be taking this up with the library and council to see if there is something they can do to warn people about the dangers. I have come away from this shocked that there could be such bike theft “hotspots” in places that I visit regularly which I had no clue about. To vent my frustration I have set up a simple website that allows to you find this out – www.bikethefthotspots.co.uk – allows you to check where bikes are being stolen in your area so you can make informed decisions about where you leave your bike. The thefts are added by other visitors so if you have also had your bike stolen then please add this to the site so others may not have the same misfortune.  

One thought on "Hit By Bike Theft"

  1. Alex says:

    My bike was stolen tonight in this exact spot, so angry.

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