Llantwit Major to Monknash

I start a new part time job next week, while I have plenty of other things to be filling my days with I thought I would make the most of the lovely weather and go for a wander. The plan was to get the train to Llantwit Major and walk to Monknash (specifically the Plough and Harrow) and then catch a bus/train home. The sun was shining and having done the walk a few times before I decided to catch up on some Adam and Joe podcasts while I walked – laughing out loud to myself and taking in the scenery. Unfortunately being a small village Monknash does not have a cash machine so not only was I not able to get the orange juice and lemonade my body was crying out for I also was short on the bus fare! Luckily I has a nice bus driver and I got my cold drink when I returned home. I might make a habit of this – it beats working after all!

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