Embracing My Introvert

Embracing My Introvert
I have always known that I am somehow ‘different’, I just never understood how. My whole life I have struggled with interactions with other people and fostering relationships. Some labels I had for how I felt addressed the symptoms, but not the cause. I enjoy being different, it has been a guiding force in my life, but it’s not an easy path. Sometimes it’s downright lonely. Why did it take me so long to realise I am an introvert? It’s kind of puzzling looking back as a 31 year old. I think it’s down to feeling that I had to change myself in order to do things like other people, in

My Supermarket Boycott

This was originally going to be a response to a comment posted on a 2009 post of mine titled "Tesco Boycott". My response got a little out of hand however so I decided to make it a full post here. Hi Santoni, thank you for your detailed comment. I had nearly forgotten all about this post! Let me clarify my point a little - I don't think it is a bad thing to have a surplus of shops (in fact living in a city centre I expect it) but I do think is bad is to have a surplus of one shop. And to go even further in my opinion it is bad to have just one type of shop - supermarkets. I realise that Tesco

Hit By Bike Theft

While I was in Asia my good friend Dave kindly agreed to give my bike a once over. I needed to go and pick it up (he lives quiet far away) so for the first two weeks after I got back I had to go without. Cardiff is small but as it now took three times longer to get anywhere I was excited to be darting around town once again! Only it didn't last long.. the day I got it back it was stolen from outside of Cardiff Central Library despite being in a public place locked to some council bike racks. According to people working in the surrounding area this is a "hotspot" but unfortunately I had to

Rolling With The Tiger Bay Brawlers – Newport

Breakfast – D.C Style

2 x Eggs 3 x Bacon 2 x Sausage (1 pork & leek, 1 italian) 3 x Hash brown 2 x Black pudding 1 x Toast (dragon bread) 1 x Fried bread (dragon tiger bread) Tomato (grilled) Mushrooms Baked Beans (overcooked to perfection) … and a whole lot of heart!

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