Photos From Mexico

A few photos I took on my proper camera while on my recent trip to Mexico. I did a loop around the Yucatán Peninsula which was very varied so I felt I got to sample a few of the things Mexico has to offer in my two short weeks there.

A Holiday In Mexico

It has been both a fun and relaxing week in Mexico. I am trying to have a bit more of a 'holiday' this trip - so I booked some accommodation in advance and have been taking it very very easy. This is quite a different to my winging-it, must-do-everything approach that I usually take on my trips. So far it is going well. I flew in to Cancun but wanted to avoid the mega resort so immediately took a bus to Playa del Carmen where I had booked a rustic hut near the beach. As I walked out of the bus station there was a big street party taking way which made for a nice welcoming party. (unfortunately