Fun In San Francisco

A 14 hour bus ride from Vegas took me to San Francisco where I am staying with my friend Fidel. SF is an amazing city, with so much to do and so much to see. The city centre is also a lot smaller then LA and Vegas which means getting around is a lot easier and more importantly quicker. I don't know how people living in these huge cities have time to do anything apart from travel to and from places. With interesting, independent stores on ever corner there is a really warm feel to every street and the crazy hills give the city so much character that combined with the amazing weather I found

The Other Vegas

I'm glad I went to Las Vegas to see the famous city (also huge!) though as more of a bystander on my visit I found it hard to see through the ugly, wasteful excess of Vegas as people hopped drunkenly from casino to casino throwing their money away. Though had I been there with friends i'm sure it would have been a different story! In fact the best part of my time there was a impromptu hike with my couch surfing hosts through a canyon and to some hot springs. We stayed there till dark and walked back out of the canyon under the stars.

Zero A Day

I had a great time in LA. I went to see a basketball game at the Staples Center, lounged at the beach, ate all you can eat pancakes, went for a night out in West Hollywood and even did the touristy stars in the pavement / handprints thing on Hollywood Boulevard. My host Adam was great and even though he had to work he made sure I had a really good time furing my stay.   I seem to have finally overcome my jet lag and today took the bus through the desert to Las Vegas and am currently sitting on the roof of my hosts house overlooking the city at night time eating trail mix and

The Zombie vs LA Cop

To say my start to 2011 has been manic would be an understatement. This week alone I have finished my job to become self employed, moved out of my flat and left Cardiff to travel to Los Angeles! The aim is to backpack a little around North America for five weeks and the reason for the self inflicted manic-ness is what with changing my employment status, now seemed like a good time to do it (...or at least it did when I booked my flights) Throwing in a move the day I leave Cardiff might have been a bit too much but I don't like to do things the easy way! I was still moving things out and cleaning