May 2022 – Day 2

Journal Entry

VI trail section through some quiet forest roads, but windfall eventually made me turn back. Not after expending way too much energy scrambling with my bike up and under trees trying to get through it! I surprised some ATVers whilst I was having lunch amidst the rubble of trees.

I had to detour significantly and pushed hard to get to Sayward just in time for the restaurant/bar before it closed. The girl turned off the sign just as I was about to walk in and took pity on me. Very happy to eat a burger and fries and even had a quick pint while I waited. Definitely glad I decided to go for it!

I was even glad to buy a dubious looking sandwich and some snacks because due to a fuel mis-guestimation I have I ran out on day two of a four day trip! So without a way to easily heat up my dehydrated food it’s nice to be able to get a few more calories.

Decided to camp at a spot I had been to a couple years ago. I saw lots of elk… like multiple herds of elk; which was cool.

I’m sleepy.

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Ascent (m)