Wales 2022 – Day 1

Wales 2022 – Day 1
Journal Entry

The train journey up to North Wales passed by quickly and event free, as my mind ran through final logistics and mental checklists. A fry-up in Prestatyn made for a good start šŸ™‚

It was lovely to get a photo under the sign again, nearly ten years after ending there on foot on my Offa's Dyke walk. I knew biking it for my second time on trail was a lofty goal, but you have to dream big!

BRUTAL climb out of Prestatyn on slick rock. Some nice views over the coast, until the clouds came in. This is the North Wales I remember!

After "iron-manning" it up the steep/wet/slick trail clearly designed for feet, through fog and up and over so so many stiles and kissing gates I was happy to get to the top and start descending (on my "mountain bike"). Big mistake, I skidded and came off the trail and my bike almost immediately.

Taking shelter under a tree I decided that a bike was not the right tool for the job. Wet, muddy and with sore arms (from repeatedly lifting my bike) I took shelter under a tree and consulted my map for an alternate route.

I ended up taking quite country roads to my hotel in Llangollen. The day had taken its toll on body and ego! A pub dinner, shower and comfy bed helped.