Tesco Boycott

Since Tesco opened a third store all within a ten minute walk of each other where I live in Cardiff I decided enough was enough and didn't shop there any more. Though occasionally I admit I did pop in for milk or if Walkers Sensations are on offer for 72p!

This was until I saw for myself number 4... FOUR! Thats 4 stores within one mile walk of each other.

Tesco stores in my area

Never again will I step foot inside a Tesco's store. Never.

eBay Ads Gone Mad!

I usually surf the web with my trusty Adblock Plus Firefox extension turned on, but after turning it off recently (I have been working on my works affiliate programme... it actually took me a few seconds to work out why things weren't appearing that should have been!) I got a bit of a shock when I went on to eBay. My usual eBay experience looks like this:

The Cat Came Back

I remembered this cartoon from my childhood today whilst speaking to my girlfriend. She hadn't heard of it, so if you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out!

Magento Theme / Templating Tutorials, Guides and Resources

I think anyone that has worked with Magento will agree that it is a steep learning curve, this is not helped by the lack of documentation. I have put together a list of useful links when that I found helpful whilst trying to get my head around Magento themes:

(I have expanded upon these lists which I found useful)

Windows Text Editors

I'm a Mac user through and through but recently I have been required to use Windows for work. My favourite text editor for Mac is undoubtedly Textwrangler which is a free stripped-down version of Barebones BBEdit. This is a great text editor that does everything I need.

I Hate Virgin Media

I have recently signed up with Virgin Media broadband. I have previously been a customer of theirs and vowed NEVER AGAIN! However as I live in the city there really isn't much choice – so begrudgingly I signed up.