For me Zagreb was rather uninteresting so after a day I decided to take the night train to Split. This was a new experience for me – going to sleep in one city and waking up in another. Once I arrived in Split there was no doubt in my mid that I had mind the right decision. Split is eye wateringly beautiful . I arrived in Split at 7am and waited in the hostel reception for 2 hours before anyone woke up to greet me! I ended up meeting some Brits and tagged along with them for the day. We took a ferry to a local island and went to a secluded cove and swam in the crystal clear water. We were the only ones there and I was completely taken by the surroundings, the mountains towering over. I also visited the markets of which there are many. It slightly reminded me of the soukes in Marrakesh except the market owners weren’t trying to pull you into their stalls by your hair! The ‘old town’ in Split is really impressive with small alley ways everywhere. Today I decided to have a lazy day. I had my first lye-in of the trip and spend the day at the beach and generally not doing an awful lot! I had a really good meal at a local restaurant which was really good value for money. Tomorrow I travel to Dubrovnik which is supposed to be even more stunning! After Dubrovnik I will return to Split and take the ferry to Italy.