I managed to cram in everything I wanted in my last days in Berlin and I took a coach to Dresden. Here I intended to go to the main station and make my way back to my hosts house in the “New Town” however the bus (unknown to me) made a scheduled stop at the station there so I decided to get off early. As the bus conductor was arguing with a man about not letting him get his bag at this stop instead of the main station I decided to forgo this formality and lent into the baggage compartment, grabbed my bag and made off at a swift pace down the street. Anything to save a few Euros and a pointless journey back to the same station! My last night in Berlin, in the distance is the Brandenburger Gate. Dresden lovely, as are my hosts Hélène and Thomas. Last night me and Thomas went for a drink in his cousins bar, it has just opened and has a 60’s theme of the former GDR. A really amazing place. Today I spent the morning walking in the huge forest before meeting Hélène, we cycled into the town and she showed me around. We also cycled along the river to a huge blue bridge! They have re-built most of the city since the bombardment during the war, having done such an amazing job though you can only tell what is original and what is new by how black the sandstone is. There is alot of history in Dresden’s center. Tomorrow we are driving to the mountains of Saxon Switzerland… so that should be nice!