Dubrovnik, Croatia

There is no other way to put it – the Croatian coast is paradise. There I said it! The bus journey from Split to Dubrovnik followed the coast line the entire way and was worth the fare just for the sights. I could tell I was going to enjoy Dubrovnik! Again I was glad I arrived in low season because it was clear to see that Dubrovnik was a popular destination. That said, during my trip away from the ‘old town’ I pretty much had the place to myself. Whilst I’m on the subject, oddly there was an abundance of British people and cats in the old town! One day I took a boat with an Australian guy I met to a near by island. It felt like we were there alone it was so peaceful and we could enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. I also had the chance to fulfill another dream of mine which was jumping from the cliffs into the sea! It was one of my best days of the entire trip. The following day I decided to walk to the top of the hill overlooking the town and surrounding islands. The views were breath taking. Once back I took a dip in the sea to cool off. I was swimming in places that I thought you only see in films! I love it here! I have now returned to Split and tomorrow evening I take a ferry Italy and will end up in Rome. I’m glad I have another day in Croatia.