Fun In The City

Yesterday Maurice and I travelled to Potsdam and spent the day walking around the small town and it’s huge park with palaces, castles and gardens. Potsdam also has a Dutch and Russian quarter so it was really nice walking around the small peaceful streets and stumbling into all these lovely buildings. Today I had another go at the center of Berlin and did a few touristy spots (the free ones at least!). The photo to the right is part of the ‘Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe’, there are thousands of huge pillars at street level and museum under ground. Walking around the museum I found it hard to take in some of the things I was reading, especially the letters written by Jews on the way to their deaths. The huge dome in the photo below gives an amazing view over the entire city, the weather has been amazing so I spent much of today wondering around town. I crossed what would have been the Berlin wall and stepped into the trendy streets of East Berlin, lined with bars and cafes. I love having the time to sit and bathe in the relaxed atmosphere, the only problem is I shall soon become addicted to caffeine and finish all of my books! infront of the Deutscher Bundestag I will stay in Berlin for a couple more days and then head to Dresden. I have found somewhere to stay next to a huge park and it looks amazing. I will miss Berlin.