Leipzig and Prague

I decided to travel to Leipzig rather spare of the moment because there were two exhibitions I was interested in – one on the history of post war Germany and the other on the Stasi (East German secret police). However I didn’t realise until I arrived that they were both only in German! There were some really interesting pictures and displays though. Despite this, I had a really nice host called David and I enjoyed looking around the city and went out to a club in the evening. Car sharing is a really popular option for transport in Germany and I managed to get from Leipzig to Prague for about £12! I have spent the past couple of days wandering the city streets and parks without any sort of plan or direction as I like to do. The view from a park overlooking the city. Last night was my first hostel and therefore the first time I have paid for accommodation since being away. I met some really nice Brits and enjoyed the novelty of speaking to them over dinner and a few drinks. Unfortunately I was kept awake most of the night by shouting and slamming doors but I managed to wash my underwear in a sink so it felt like a small price to pay! One thing in particular that bemused me is how confusing they have made the transport system and generally finding your way around. Someone really had fun with this one! Its all just so un obvious. The only transport advice center I can find in the whole city has a permanent queue of at least an hour. When I arrived at the booth the assistant refused to acknowledge the existence of Poland and sent me packing! The picture shows people waiting for information. Soon I head towards Poland and meet my friend Aga which I’m really excited about! We are planning a trip to the mountains which should be something really special.