Ljubljana is a really relaxed city. Well I suppose it would being in a country with only 2 million inhabitants! Apparently this is also due to the tourist season ending which I am really pleased about. I feel like I am finding out what day to day life is like here which is the kind of insight I have been hoping for. The last thing I have wanted on my travels is being surrounded by tourists and things aimed at them, instead of the ‘real city’. So I usually escape the touristy areas as fast as I can but here there has been no need. There are cafes, bars and places to eat everywhere in amazing surroundings. So lots of opportunities to relax which I have been very pleased about. It’s all everyone seems to do here! The view from the castle overlooking the city is spectacular and I was able to see an amazing sunset over the mountains in the distance. It was something I won’t ever forget. Iva my host here has been really great. She has made me feel really welcome and introduced me to her friends. Her recommendations of things to see and do in the city have been amazing. Yesterday I travelled to the coast for the day which was beautiful, when I got back I went straight to a gig in the alternative part of town. Later today I am taking a train to Zagreb in Croatia so lots to do!