Ottawa and Montreal

Thumbs up with the Cardiff boys

Although my time in Ottawa was brief it was great to see Pete again, and a few other faces from Cardiff over in Canada for work. Flying in at night I was curious as to what all of the white patches were below me… needless to say once I got off the plane it was very very very cold. I spent the day running between buildings trying to avoid the -11ºC temperatures! Moving onwards next was Montreal, stepping off of the bus was a bit of a shock as I did not realise quiet how French Quebec was until I arrived. With my limited French I started to think that I was going to struggle the two days I was here but once I met up with my Couch Surfing host Anne-Sophie I realised all was well. Anne-Sophie introduced me to lots of her friends and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming! My first night turned into a late one – filled with card games, lots of beer, karaoke and a chance to try my laughable French.

Snowy Montreal

My second day and a different Couch Surfing host – Mae and her husband Jesse who were excellent company. We relaxed in cafes and chatted for hours which they seemed expert at. I also spent some more time with Isabelle, a friend I met through Anne-Sophie the night before. A great girl and lots of shared interests who showed me around parts of the city, hopping from place to place to chat over drinks and avoid the cold. My time in Montreal could not have been any better and I hope to return in the not too distant future. But onwards I must go – New York here I come!