Portland And Seattle

At the top of the Seattle Space Needle

My Couch Surfing host Laura and I had a really nice time in Portland which is a really relaxed place with lots of good beer! Portland was also a good opportunity to catch up on putting my feet up with a film and my running (my 16 weeks of crazy marathon training starts almost as soon as I return home!) Taking the Greyhound to Seattle I meet up with Andy who I met in San Fracisco who is a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend in Cardiff and offered me a place to stay when I was telling him all about couch surfing. I have been having a really great time in Seattle with a nice mix of seeing the sights and partying. Last night at the house where I am staying they hosted a groundhog day party and later today I will be going to my first super bowl party! Early tomorrow morning I head to Victoria in Canada by ferry to stay with Richard, a couch surfer that I hosted back in Cardiff over a year ago. Karma works!