Theres lots to see and do in Rome, I think you could spend weeks there and not see it all! Everywhere you look, every corner you turn you see so much history. It’s hard to get your head around just how old everything is in Rome. You are looking down on alot of the older monuments because the ground level has got progressively higher over time. My first night in Rome was in a hostel, full of people from all over the world and upon arrival I was treated to a free dinner with wine! The following day I met with Francesco and he showed me to the convent which would be my home for the next two nights. This was an amazing place and everyone was so kind and generous I felt really welcome. I was stuffed full during every meal with a wonderful array of Italian food and wine! Francesco showed me around the city and we spend a whole day walking the streets. Rome has such a vast complex of small streets that even after having lived there for six years he had the street map close at all times! During my last night we drove to a wonderful spot overlooking the city, a really nice way to say goodbye to Rome. Francesco was a really amazing host and made my stay in Rome really something special.