Victoria And Fun With Ferries

Showing the Canadians how the Brits do it - arse first!

I had a a bit of a nightmare getting to Victoria from Seattle after my ferry was first delayed and then cancelled. A 4 hour journey turned into a bus ride up north across the border to catch another ferry making the journey 10 hours in total! The ferry I did go on was a little rough and some of the windows ended up smashing in! Now here I have had a great time with Richard and his girlfriend Karina seeing the city, hiking and yesterday we went cross country skiing at Mount Washington. Being my first time I spend a lot of time picking myself up off the floor and during our lesson in the morning the instructor told me I was “getting really good and getting up”! The skiing was exhausting and we are all hobbling around today like we have been beaten up! All three of us are in agreement that today is going to be a lazy day! Tomorrow I head to Vancouver…. on another ferry.