(Sorry no photos of Vienna, I have not been able to upload them yet) I got to Vienna in the evening and arrived at the hostel to discover an amazing view overlooking the city. I started talking to an American girl and we went into the city to grab some food and a drink. It was really nice to be in this new city at night, with anticipation about what Vienna had in store for me. I have spent my time here relaxing and taking in the atmosphere and amazing architecture. The grounds of Vienna’s palace are amazing and there was a maze which was something I have wanted to do since I was a kid! Although it is very very expensive here I managed to find a restaurant a little off the beaten track and had a huge meal at a reasonable price. The view over the city from the hostel is spectacular at night – especially during full moon! I have been very unsure where to go next on my trip and with Austria bordering 7 different countries there are lots of options! I went to the train station and inquired about the cost of travelling to Slovenia and found a cheap train so booked it on the spot! So very early on Tuesday I travell to Ljubljana! And from there – who knows?!