Tiny House Construction: Vapour Barrier, Interior Walls and a Loft

Tiny House Construction:  Vapour Barrier, Interior Walls and a Loft
Watch a time lapse to see what I have been up to: As you may have noticed in my last update, using the house as both the workshop, storage and the job site was starting to get a little cramped. I decided to buy a portable car shelter to act as storage and workshop in order to free up inside the house. Continuing with the vapour barrier that I started before the Christmas break, I insulated around the wheel wells before sealing up the walls. Installing the vapour barrier in the ceiling was very time consuming, as I wanted a good seal at the ridge to prevent any moisture from getting into the roof, but as I wanted the beam itself exposed there was not much room for error. For the record, achostical sealant is not nice stuff… and never dries. With everything sealed it was time to start attaching the interior wall. I decided to go with a 1/2″ birch plywood instead of the usual drywall. I am taking the time and money to use nice materials on the build, which I do not consider drywall to be. It also has a reputation for cracking in tiny houses when they are moved. Cutting the plywood around power outlets and windows was time consuming as I didn’t want big gaps visible. It has taken a little while to switch to ‘finishing mode’, but I am enjoying myself and am happy with the result. This was one of the tricker wall pieces to cut… It was time to make a hole in the roof for the propane heater vent. This was a little nerve wracking considering the amount of effort I had spent ensuring the roof didn’t leak, but I got out the hole saw and decided to go for it (after measuring many, many times). I then dry-fitted the heater on the wall and the cap on the roof to ensure everything was where it should be. Next up was creating the sleeping loft. I purchased tongue and groove boards and painted them white. The car shelter became a handy drying room. I sanded the loft beams (twice) and applied stain/sealant to protect them from moisture. I then air stapled the boards in place creating the loft. Note the hole above the ladder is because I miss-calculated slightly and ran out of wood… off to the store I go! It’s nice to be working with wood again, after my hiatus spent learning about building science and figuring out the services I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I am running a little behind with blog updates, so things have already progressed a lot from the above. I hope to get another update out soon as I really get stuck in to the finishing work.

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  1. MOG says:

    Massive ammount of work in this update.
    Good choice on the ply – looks Good

    P.S. You can post the table-saw back home when you’re done. šŸ™‚